Bee’s Pavilion

Take part with the whole family to an exciting and  instructive visit of the little people of bees. Discover the secrets of Gentle Beekeeping®‚ in the 21. century based on the language of the bees.

Honey massages

Treat yourself to a harmonising wellbeing back massage with organic honey and hive Élixirs. A honey massage is a complete treatment that provides profound and absolute relaxation and stimulates your skin! This will ensure the activation of the body’s detoxification mechanisms encouraging a fit and healthy body.
This treatment can be completed by a foot massage with our Pyrénées healing balm. Ideal relaxing treatment to give your feet welfare and tonus. Its energetic action is also beneficial for your legs. Available every day by appointment. From 45 €. What a wonderful idea for a present!

I do it by myself !

What a pleasure to make an old recipe of gingerbread and a candle made of pure beeswax! An extraordinarily rich moment of exchange and passion!

I become a Master at tasting honey

Learn how to recognise and enjoy the great land vintage with our Grands Crus taken in our Honey Cellar. Our honeys are guaranteed from the organic beekeeping.

I create my organic skin care

In the Beauty and Well-being shop, I elaborate my own customised skin care with organic certified apiary ingredients and the Ballot-Flurin acknowledged know-how.

I discover the bees’ benefits

Come and get acquainted with the vitality and health treasures of the hive’s ingredients within our mini apiary in our melliferous garden.

The Room of the Bees

In a cosy place through a hive window, enter the strange sensory world of the bees.

Mission Bees’ Shepherd

A real visit in the apiary : discover the bees at home, with this introduction training period to the Gentle Beekeeping®‚ for a half-day in a wonderful valley above Cauterets. Based on the language of the bees, this ecological and humanist beekeeping, which was born in this place, cares firstly about reinforcing the well-being of our bees and keeping life in our countryside.

Workshops, walk and training : registration and booking by phone or email.

Pavillon des Abeilles/ Free admission: A film show, access to the glassed-in hive, a honey tasting and the access to the bees’ garden are offered to the shop’s visitors. Groups : guided visit by appointment and reservation.

The Ballot-Flurin Shop

In an authentic and friendly place our bees offer you a great choice of natural and home-made preparations, 100% organic, for beauty and well-being. The small-scale production of energized preparations, of a high degree of naturalness, manufactured in limited quantities in the French Pyrenees. Beehive products and crops from French and Euro-regional rural areas, harvested with love!

Welcome to our online store where you can shop for your favourite french organic products : www.ballot-flurin.com.